Rob’s Home Building Process: Beginning stages of the building process.

excavator-300x300Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to give some more updates on the progress of my new home and I hope these updates help you to see how easy it is to let Hilden build a home for you.

You can see in the above pictures the before and after shots of the land we are building on. As you can see, we did some extra work to reshape the land. This lot was pretty much a constant hill and I requested to have an area in the front yard, as well as the backyard for my family and I to have a place to use for playing catch, or soccer. Lucky for myself and any other potential home owners, Hilden is outstanding at ensuring you catch all the details big and small that ensure ‘your home’ is practical, functional and specifically built for your family and all your needs. You don’t have to worry if you don’t think about it, Hilden will, and they’ll help you cover all possible bases!

Initially I met with our project manager, Steve Beaudrie to survey the land and plant stakes to ensure we’re positioned most optimally on the lot we’re working with lilly cialis. This step of the progress with Steve has been phenomenal. With his years of experience he gave some great ideas to best utilize the land. We positioned further up the hill to have a better view, we angled the house to ensure the best sunsets from the deck space and Steve helped ensure we could fit in a turn-around port with our driveway that guests can also use for parking. We even received such a valued recommendation from him with our homes positioning that we will minimize sump pump usage allowing gravity to help with drainage.

It surprised me how many decisions needed to be made and initially I thought it would be difficult to figure out, but Hilden Homes and the incredibly knowledgeable staff have made this a very easy process and I won’t ever have to second guess a thing!

Next we have to choose the interior & exterior colour choices with Sarah Jane.

We’re excited!

Stay tuned…..

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