Rob’s Home Building Process: Colour Choices

Our house is coming along so well! We just finished picking out our colours, and features from our own in house show room and offices at 393 Sidney St. in Belleville.

I thought the selection process was going to be difficult, as my wife and I are sometimes indecisive and perhaps even on slightly different pages with our visions.
However, with the help of our Designs Colour Coordinator, Sarah Jane, it was a very easy process. We started with exterior choices, colours for the brick, stone, vinyl and shingles. Sarah Jane had us begin with the stone colour and from there we were able to build a packaged theme design that helped give us the “Craftsman Style” look we were going for cialis preis frankreich.

The next step was to select and coordinate the interior features and colours. The one choice that we had already expressed passions about early in the process was the kitchen cabinet colours; we chose a slightly off white, ivory colour. Sarah knowing this ahead of time had already made up some complimentary colour packages very well suited to our tastes for us to review. This was the start that we needed to really help us carry out the look we were hoping to achieve throughout our home.

After mixing and matching a few of the samples, through guidance and suggestions from Sarah, we were able to select EVERYTHING, all of our choices, in just one day! This included countertops, cabinet colours, cabinet styles, carpeting, flooring, tile, paint, interior doors… and perhaps our most important, our nursery features.

Having Sara Jane help us out and guide us in the colour selection process was the greatest blessing and made what we though to be very difficult decisions into very quick and easy ones without the worry of second guessing. It was fantastic working with her; she asked the right questions, made great suggestions and was a super fun personality that made us able to put our personal touches into our house to make it a home.

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