- December 14, 2017

Colour Selection Process

Hilden Homes prides itself on providing the best on-going support and guidance for the home buying and building process. Once your dream home has been designed and the contract signed, you are ready to move onto the fun stage of home buying – colours!

Most often the final signatures on your contract are completed in the Hilden office. We take this opportunity to congratulate you on your home, and before your leave, we introduce you to another key team member of your build – the construction coordinator. Your construction coordinator will now be your principle contact at Hilden.

In a few days or a few weeks, depending on the timeline of your build, the construction coordinator will contact you via email or phone to schedule your colour appointment. Your first meeting together will include discussion regarding the Tarion Warranty Program. Your coordinator will provide all necessary forms and answer any questions regarding Tarion, to ensure that you are informed and have a full understanding of the warranty. It is important to remember that the Tarion Warranty Program has been established to protect you as a home purchaser, as well as us as the builder. This is an important aspect of process, yet not typically as fun as the next part – COLOURS!

Your colour appointment will then move into the selection of both the interior and exterior finishes from your home. This process can take anywhere from three to eight hours – though there are no restrictions – depending on your decisiveness. Bear in mind, this selection process can be divided into multiple meetings if necessary. Upon occasion, the process can be intimidating to some home buyers – don’t hesitate to tell your coordinator during the meeting that you are overwhelmed and arrangements can be made to ease the pressure. Dependant on the schedule and your closing date, there is typically more than enough time to complete colour selection comfortably.

By this point in the process, most of the upgrades in your home have been selected and included in your feature sheet, as part of your contract. That being said, often during these appointments upgrades, such as pots and pans drawers in the kitchen or premium siding, may discussed and added as an extra to your contract. Colour selection generally beings with the selection of the exterior finishes. These are the first finishes that are ordered during construction, and therefore they need to be selected as first priority. This is especially important in the event that your colour selections need to be separated into multiple appointments, as often these additional appointments cannot be scheduled immediately after one another. Interior colour selection typically follows.

It is your home, and you select everything. Exterior colours include choices for shingles, siding, brick or stone, front door colour, and any specialty items as part of your contract. Once the outside selections are complete, you move onto the interior, which is typically more time consuming as there are more finishes to pick. Everything from flooring, to cabinets, to countertop, to paint colour and more must be chosen. It is at this point that some research prior to your meeting would be beneficial, though not required. Research may assist you in gathering ideas of your likes and dislikes. This tends to help the colour selection process to flow more smoothly.

At the finish of the process, you will be asked to sign off on your colour selections as confirmation. You only have five days after signing the colour selection sheets to make any changes if necessary. After those five days, materials are ordered and cannot be altered. These sheets is included in a closing binder that you will be presented with at the end of the build, for your future reference. Once you have completed the colour selection process, all that remains is watching your dream home become a reality.